Man admits punching daughter

A 46-year-old man punched his 13-year-old daughter when she tried to stop him assaulting her mother, police say.

The man, from Springlands, appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday where he admitted assaulting his daughter and partner on January 4.

He was sentenced to 100 hours' community work and nine months' supervision, including anger management and drug and alcohol counselling.

The police summary of facts said the girl was one of four children in the house who became frightened and attempted to intervene when the couple began fighting late that night.

The man's lawyer, Rennie Gould, said the couple had been drinking and were receiving care for mental health problems.

They had little memory of the incident, but the couple believed the woman attacked the man first, she said.

Judge Tony Zohrab said the 13-year-old was a sober witness and by admitting the charge the man accepted that he assaulted both victims. The man had no previous convictions and no history of domestic or other violence.

Judge Zohrab suppressed the man's name to prevent the victims being identified and because it was a family argument and not a matter of public interest.

Also in court yesterday:

Brooke William Adams, 30, of Mayfield, admitted a charge of assault and was sentenced to 80 hours' community work.

The police summary of facts said Adams assaulted his partner on the evening of December 10 after the pair argued over the end of their relationship while taking a drive together.

His partner attacked Adams when he took her phone and refused to give it back and he then dragged her from the car, police said.

Mrs Gould said Adams was acting in self defence and the woman scratched his back badly.

Adams denied pulling the woman from the car by her hair and said he pushed her out, Mrs Gould said.

"I think this is a case where the truth lies somewhere between what he says and what she says."

Connor John Tebbutt, 18, admitted a charge of assault and was sentenced to 9 months' supervision, including anger management or relationship counselling.

Mrs Gould said Tebbutt assaulted his girlfriend on January 22 after she attacked him during an argument over a stressful incident in their relationship.

The police summary of facts said the woman picked up a knife and pointed it at Tebbutt during the argument and he then pushed her over and put his foot on her neck. Mrs Gould said police had previously been called to the house when the pair were arguing.

Judge Zohrab said it was clear the pair needed some help.

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