Concert to kick off grape harvest

03:30, Mar 04 2013
Dead Parrotts
Ready to rock: Getting ready to put on a party are Framingham Viticulturalist and guitarist James Bowskill and assistant winemaker Andrew Brown both members of the Dead Parrotts

Music and mingling will take centre stage during a harvest concert dedicated to welcoming vineyard workers from around the globe for this year's grape harvest.

The third annual Framingham Wines Harvest Concert is being held on Friday, March 15, and features three bands: Opening act The Dead Parrots, all of whom are involved in Marlborough's wine industry, Sam Flynn Scott of the Phoenix Foundation, performing with Bunnies on Ponies, and Nelson-based Celtic rock band The Saints.

Framingham general manager Tom Trolove said the concert was a good chance for newcomers, who were here to work during the harvest, and people in Marlborough's wine industry to mingle before the busy harvest season got under way.

Long working hours during this time, seven days a week for six to eight weeks, made catching up with other workmates, friends or family near impossible, he said.

Framingham Wines' Harvest Concert is being held on Friday, March 15, at 19 Conders Bend Rd, Blenheim, from 6.30pm to 11pm. Tickets are $30 from the Framingham cellar door and WINOS wine shop on Grove Rd. Framingham wine, Marlborough craft beer and light food will be available. A bus back to Blenheim is available for $10 per person.