Rest home improves after audit

22:12, Feb 27 2013

A Blenheim rest home that only partly met health-standard requirements when audited in September has improved its practices, the health board says.

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board community-based service director Peter Burton said a routine scheduled audit of Springlands Lifestyle Village earlier this month showed improvements.

The improvements were around aspects of the quality system, informed consent, complaints management, file, integration, infection control, restraint and long-term care plans.

Improvements were still required in assessment processes, aspects of care plan documentation, use of short-term care plans and medication management.

Ongoing auditing within the home would continue to make sure the policies were put into practice, Mr Burton said.

The rest home managers were working with the health board in a positive and collaborative way, Mr Burton said.


The home had employed a clinical specialist to upgrade its policies and procedures.

They employed the specialist after an unannounced inspection in September showed they only partly met health-standard requirements.

The clinical specialist was working alongside clinical leaders to make sure all policies and procedures were consistently applied in practice, Mr Burton said.

Springlands managing director Chris Thornley said the rest home had already rectified the main areas of concerns raised in the audit.

Policies and procedures were always a work in progress, he said.

"We have some things we are still working on but they are all very minor," he said.

"Anything that really needed action was actioned immediately," Mr Thornley said.

The rest home always strived to improve its practices.

"We want the highest standard of care available."

The rest home was audited after a complaint from a resident's relative.

HealthCert, the Ministry of Health department responsible for rest home standards, interviewed the rest home manager, staff, residents and visiting relatives.

The Ministry of Health publishes the HealthCert audits of rest homes on its website.