Yellow submarine makes waves

19:42, Mar 07 2013
Yellow submarine
Community building: Marlborough Girls’ College volunteers and children from Stratford St with the yellow submarine they built during the street intensive street cleanup project this week.

The Queen was pictured riding through Blenheim in a yellow submarine yesterday. It caused a shock during a stop at Warehouse Stationery on High St, before turning heads on the street as designer Ross Banbury drove it on a trailer ride through town.

Complete with a photograph of the Queen peering from a porthole, the submarine also featured photographs of the children from Stratford St in Blenheim who built it as part of the Safer Communities Marlborough-organised street intensive.

The five-day street cleanup finished on Wednesday night, ending with an unveiling of the children's creation for parents and volunteers, while the Salvation Army brass band played The Beatles' song Yellow Submarine.

While the children may not have understood the link to the music, the adults were certainly amused, Mr Banbury said.

Oasis Church pastor, Mr Banbury, is a part of a group that runs children's activities during the cleanups and said that the project had given the 15-20 children involved a lot of pride as well as fun.

At previous cleanups the children have built an ark, a rocket and a castle.

"Every time we have done something, it's been of a decent size that they will remember, so we try and think of something that will stay in the memory. It gives a real sense of identity and they go home covered in paint and things like that."

A group of year 13 students from Marlborough Girls' College helped out each day and businesses donated the paint, paper, tape, wood and a strip of aluminium used in the frame, prompting the submarine's trip around Blenheim on Thursday for businesses to see where their donations went.


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