Rain keeps firefighters busy

22:34, May 05 2013

Blenheim volunteer firefighters have been flat out since 3am with seven rain-related call-outs before most people had even started work.

The first five call-outs came between 3am and 5am, after heavy rain had caused garages and homes to flood.

Blenheim chief fire officer Rob Dalton said people called the fire brigade because they did not know what else to do.

The first call-out at 3am was to the Maxwell Care Home on Maxwell Rd, where firefighters helped clean out the drains on the roof to stop a small leak.

The next three call-outs were to flooded garages in Hammond Pl, Scott St and Monro St.

Firefighters helped salvage what they could in Hammond Pl, pumped out water in Scott St and shifted items to avoid the water in Monro St.


There was not a lot firefighters could do, Mr Dalton said.

''It was coming in just as fast as we could get it out.''

Next was a call-out to Hillside Tce just before 5am where the inside of a house was flooded, followed by a call-out at 5.10am to the telephone exchange on Main St after the alarm was set off due to water leaking into the system.

The last call was to the Clubs of Marlborough on Alfred St just after 8am when the alarm system went off. The cause had not been found.

Mr Dalton said the flooding was some of the worst Blenheim had seen in a while.

''There wasn't a lot we could actually do,'' he said.

''It's difficult when rain is flooding up the driveway and it keeps on coming. You can't turn off the big tap in the sky.''

Is there flooding or storm damage at your place?

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