Victim scared of neighbour

20:32, May 06 2013

A Blenheim woman feels scared in her own home after being burgled by a man who still lives next door, a judge says.

Judge Richard Russell told Aaron Thomas Becker in the Blenheim District Court that the woman had increased security on her house but still worried he would break in again.

Becker earlier admitted stealing more than $1000 of items from her house in a burglary during Christmas last year.

Judge Russell asked that a letter of apology written by Becker be sent to the victim in the hope it might give her some comfort. He sentenced Becker, a 30-year-old cleaner, to 275 hours' community work and 18 months' intensive supervision to undergo drug and alcohol and other counselling.

Becker was drunk and drugged when he went to the property to look for his dog, found a window open and broke in, making two trips and taking a camera, iPod and 24 bottles of wine, Judge Russell said.

Things were made worse when Becker found the items in the morning and realised what he had done. Instead of returning them he went to a hotel and sold them to people he did not know, he said.

Becker had a long list of previous offences including burglary and theft, mostly from 2003 and 2004. He was on the methadone programme and willing to undergo alcohol treatment, he said.