Take a paddle on the wet side

20:40, May 06 2013
No ball games: Marlborough Boys’ College students paddling on the first XV rugby field yesterdayntsG

Marlborough Boys' College students tried out the school's new all-weather pitch yesterday morning, taking their kayaks out on the rugby field.

A slightly raised, albeit saturated, cricket pitch provided a suitable island for year 9 boys to take stock of rising floodwaters during their impromptu paddling session.

PE teacher Paul Ferguson said eight "hardy conscripts" turned up at school yesterday and asked if they could take the kayaks out.

Why go round when you can wade on through?

It was their first day back from the school holiday and the boys were pretty keen, he said.

"I think the boys had seen the seniors using the kayaks in the pool and they don't really get the chance to, so they asked if they could take them out," Mr Ferguson said.

Their classmates opted for basketball in the relative warmth of the school gym, he said.


This wasn't the first time the rugby field had flooded, Mr Ferguson said.

Photographs in the school magazine showed similar, if not higher, water levels, he said.

Tama Baker, 13, said the boys talked about getting the kayaks out as soon as they arrived at school yesterday.

They thought it would be pretty cool, he added.

Eddie Poswillo, 13, said it was fun but cold.

Mark Wiblin, 12, said some parts of the pitch were more shallow than others and they grounded the kayaks at times.

They all agreed they would have liked the water a bit deeper.

The field was to be used by the first XV this Saturday in a Press Cup game.

"The drainage isn't great, that's pretty obvious," Mr Ferguson said. "If the rain stops, it will slowly go away."