Deluge floods garage

23:02, May 06 2013
Ian Lomas
Colossal: Scott St resident Ian Lomas couldn’t open his garage door for fear of causing more flood damage. His automatic pump came on about 4.30am yesterday.

A Blenheim man woke yesterday morning to find his laundry and garage flooded by overnight rain.

Despite the obvious damage, Scott St resident Ian Lomas remained fairly laid back about the "colossal amount of water" that fell during the 16-hour downpour.

He even told council workers to first help other homeowners who didn't have their own water pumps.

Ian Lomas
Ian Lomas’ laundry room full of water

"That's life, you can't control mother nature. Quite a few have tried and it doesn't work that way," Mr Lomas said.

"They say this happens once every 100 years, but I think the 100 years are getting shorter.

"There's a lot of people worse off, though, dealing with earthquakes and fires. At least we can have a wash."


He was woken by his automatic garage pump about 4.30am.

His drive slopes down to the garage where water had collected.

He couldn't open the door for fear of causing more flood damage through the space where he kept his new car, another fridge, a freezer and tools.

"I hate to think what it's like in there. If I open the garage, the whole lot will come through."

Mr Lomas put on his gumboots and went outside with a torch to check the roadside drains, he said.

"They weren't even blocked [by leaves], they just couldn't handle the volume [of rainfall]."

Although this was the worst flood damage Mr Lomas had seen in 15 years, the waters drained away pretty quickly.