Plastic air guns anger deputy principal

20:58, May 22 2013

A Blenheim teenager was arrested after shooting a passing car and fellow school students with a plastic gun he had bought from a $2 shop in town, police say.

Constable Andrew Holdaway, of Blenheim, said the 14-year-old Marlborough Boys' College student was taken into police custody on Tuesday afternoon after he shot the soft air pistol at fellow students and a member of the public.

He took the air pistol to school and fired it at some of his school mates, thinking it was funny, Mr Holdaway said.

The plastic gun shot plastic pellets, similar to a BB gun. It cost $2 or $3.

No-one was hurt but it had the potential to take someone's eye out, he said.

Boys' college deputy principal Michael Heath said the boy had been suspended and would go before a board of trustees disciplinary meeting.


The board would discuss further disciplinary action and offer support for the student, he said.

The student had been shooting at a passing car in Francis St during school hours.

"It is pretty serious," Mr Heath said. "It is a prohibited item - it is still a weapon that is able to cause physical harm."

Four or five students had brought the plastic guns to school since Tuesday.

"It's completely unacceptable to bring to school, and I would have thought it was completely unacceptable to sell to children."

Police took the teenager into custody while they spoke with his mother.

Mr Holdaway said he was later released into his mother's care.

Police youth aid would follow up with the teenager and talk to the owner of the shop who sold the weapon, he said.

The Marlborough Express