Convicted, discharged

19:21, Jul 18 2013

A Blenheim man has been convicted and discharged for disorderly behaviour after he and his cousin were involved in a fight with another man, who used a golf club to defend himself.

Paora James Starkey, 18, appeared in the Blenheim District Court on Wednesday to face the charge.

The court heard how the victim took exception to how the young men were driving in Lybster St about 4.50pm on October 20.

Starkey and his cousin got out of their car and approached the man.

Starkey was reported to have said, "what's your problem?" in an abusive and confrontational manner.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Single said the man picked up a nearby golf club and hit Starkey's cousin, snapping the club in two.


The victim continued to swing the broken golf club, cutting Starkey's cousin.

Starkey then drove his cousin to a nearby property and returned with two patched Mongrel Mob members. They arrived back at the scene just as police arrived, Mr Single said.

Starkey's lawyer Rennie Gould said the cousin was quite severely stabbed in the altercation and required several stitches.

Her client was alarmed and went to the nearest place that he felt safe, Ms Gould said.

The Mongrel Mob members had helped protect him in the past, she said.

"This other man did not just hit his cousin but stabbed him with a broken golf club," she said.

"However, because he made a complaint first he was able to argue self-defence."

Starkey did not have to approach the man or return to the scene with two Mob members, Mr Single said.

Judge Tony Zohrab agreed the defendant had two opportunities to avoid the incident.

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