Car crash second in two days at same intersection

23:43, Jul 18 2013
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24 hours later: Emergency services respond to a crash at the corner of Weld St and Muller Rd in Blenheim, where there was a similar crash the day before

Two crashes within two days at a Blenheim intersection are the seventh and eighth crashes reported at the same spot in five years.

Two cars collided, one of them crashing into a fence, at the Weld St and Muller Rd intersection yesterday, a day after two cars crashed at the same corner.

Neither of the drivers involved in yesterday's crash were seriously injured.

There were no passengers in either car.

The crash happened at 10.15am, about half an hour later in the day than the crash on Wednesday.

Senior Constable Richard van Asch, of Blenheim, said it appeared a woman driving a white Toyota west on Muller Rd failed to give way to a woman driving a red Mitsubishi travelling north on Weld St.


Moira Conroy, the driver of the Mitsubishi, said she was heading home from the supermarket when the driver of the Toyota seemed to hesitate at the intersection.

Instead of braking, the other woman hit the accelerator, Mrs Conroy said.

"I could see she was coming for me and there was nothing I could do."

She had yet to make a payment on her "brand new" Mitsubishi, which had to be towed away after the Toyota hit the driver's side.

Mrs Conroy lives along the road from the crash scene and has seen about eight crashes at the Weld St-Muller Rd intersection.

"People need to open their eyes and concentrate," Mrs Conroy said.

"I hate coming through this intersection from any direction."

Marlborough Roads general manager Frank Porter said there had been eight crashes reported at the Muller Rd-Weld St intersection since 2008.

The intersection was ninth on the list of intersection crashes in Marlborough.

One crash resulted in a minor injury, but no-one was injured in the other reported crashes.

"That number of crashes is pretty normal for the type of location," Mr Porter said.

"We expect some drivers to make mistakes, and they do.

"There are minor crashes on a daily basis."

Marlborough Roads investigated the sites of car crashes, Mr Porter said.

"We look to see if there's anything we can do to improve it. We don't know why they happen, but we do want to reduce all crashes."

Both women involved in yesterday's crash were checked by St John ambulance at the scene but neither was taken to hospital.

On Wednesday, an 84-year-old woman was taken to Wairau Hospital in Blenheim with a leg injury after the car she was in collided with a Nissan sedan at the same intersection about 9.40am.

Intersection crash totals 2008-13 

Redwood St-Alabama Rd, 13

Seymour St-George St, 12

High St-Seymour St, 12

Stephenson St-Redwood St, 11

Maxwell Rd-Seymour St, 11

Redwood St-Kinross St, 10

Waikawa Rd-Wellington St, 8

Scott St-Alabama Rd, 8

Weld St-Muller Rd, 8

Old Renwick Rd-Jacksons Rd, 7

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