Baby blues over clock tower's lights

02:14, Jul 25 2013
Seymour Clock Tower
In the dark: Seymour Square clock tower at dusk but efforts by Marlborough District Council to bathe it in blue light in honour of the royal birth has little effect.

The Marlborough District Council has assured the Express that the Seymour Square clock tower was in fact radiating blue, as promised, in celebration of the royal baby.

The Marlborough Express sent a photographer to Seymour Square, opposite the council offices, on Tuesday night to capture the dramatic colour change.

Unfortunately, it appeared that council had either forgotten or reneged on its promise and our photographer returned empty-handed.

However, council reserves and amenities officer Robert Hutchinson was adamant yesterday that the blue bulb switch-over happened.

The clock tower lights were just "light illuminators", not spotlights, Mr Hutchinson said.

"You don't get the dense blue that everybody was expecting," he said.


"You won't see a blue clock tower . . . just a blue tinge."

A council staff member took pictures of the clock tower on Tuesday night but was unable to send them to the Express yesterday, Mr Hutchinson said. An Express photographer returned last night to double check on the lighting display and snap the evidence.

She said blue lights were on, but had little effect.

The Marlborough Express