Judge advises gang prospect to 'get the heck out of Dodge'

A Blenheim District Court judge told a teenage Mongrel Mob prospect to "get the heck out of Dodge".

Jonathan James Bradley, 17, was one of two Mongrel Mob prospects who appeared in front of Judge David McKegg on Tuesday.

Bradley was charged with intimidation and disorderly behaviour after incidents on May 25 and June 8, respectively.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Harris said Bradley lived with patched mob members.

He had been given an unpatched leather vest by the mob to wear as a symbol of his association. The vest represents the first stage of the recruitment of members.

On May 25, Bradley was wearing the vest when he and an associate went to Dillons Point Rd in Blenheim, approached a man who owed him $150 and demanded the money.

He referred to the Mongrel Mob while challenging the man to a fight. The man got away and called for help.

Bradley's lawyer, Rennie Gould, said he told her he was not a Mob prospect.

Police had ordered the vest to be destroyed but Ms Gould said Bradley wanted it back and had no intention of putting a patch on it.

Judge McKegg said: "I recommend you give it [the vest] back and get the heck out of Dodge. It's a real swamp," and sentenced Bradley to six months' supervision and alcohol and drug counselling for the intimidation charge.

Judge McKegg said Bradley was on a pathway to destruction.

"It will definitely escalate," he said.

"It's drugs and money and violence and proving yourself. Rubbish that should be done on a footy field."

During his career as a judge, he had seen hundreds of young men team up with the Mongrel Mob, he said.

Perfectly nice, good-looking boys like Bradley ended up involved in crime, drugs and jail.

"There's nothing good in it. Gangs try to sell it as a good thing, and it's clearly not," he said.

"It's a murky underworld that these people choose to dwell."

Bradley was convicted and discharged on the disorderly behaviour charge, which related to an incident on June 8 where he was jumping out in front of traffic on Main St, Blenheim.

Another teenage Mongrel Mob prospect told police the Mob made him steal a box of beer from a Blenheim dairy.

Dylan Douglas Marshall admitted charges of shoplifting and wilful damage in the Blenheim District Court on Tuesday.

Sergeant Harris said Marshall walked into the Night N' Day dairy on Main St on July 16 and stole a box of beer.

On May 25 he was charged with wilful damage after he refused to leave a property in Dillons Point Rd, Blenheim. He and an associate had invited themselves to a property where people were socialising. They were asked to leave, but went inside the house.

After the pair left, Marshall ran back and kicked the glass panel in the bottom front door, smashing it.

Judge David McKegg said he needed to grow up.

"He's still prospecting for this silly Mongrel Mob," he said.

Marshall was sentenced to 50 hours' community work and ordered to pay reparations of $75 on the wilful damage charge. He was convicted and ordered to come up for sentence if called upon in six months and ordered to pay $26.40 for the shoplifting charge.

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