Third crash in a fortnight on Weld St

19:02, Jul 29 2013
Change needed? Last night’s crash was the third in two weeks at the intersection of Weld St and Muller Rd, in Blenheim.

A Blenheim woman says she knows what a car crash sounds like all too well after two cars collided near her home last night - at the same intersection where she was involved in an accident two weeks ago.

The crash was the third in two weeks at the intersection of Weld St and Muller Rd.

Three people were taken by ambulance to Wairau Hospital in Blenheim after the crash about 6.30pm.

Weld St resident Moira Conroy was driving home from the supermarket on July 18 when a car failed to give way at the intersection and ploughed into her new Mitsubishi car.

The sound of the two cars colliding yesterday sounded like an explosion, she said.

"We know the sound all too well," she said.


"They're going to wait until somebody dies before they do something about it."

Sergeant Jason Munro, of Blenheim, said it appeared a woman driving a Subaru Legacy heading east on Muller Rd failed to give way at the intersection and collided with a Holden car heading south on Weld St.

An elderly man was driving the Holden, and his wife was in the passenger seat. The pair were taken to hospital along with the driver of the Subaru.

The elderly man had a head injury and his wife had a suspected neck injury. Both were conscious and walking around, Mr Munro said.

The woman driver of the Subaru appeared to be uninjured, but was taken to hospital for observation.

A Wairau Hospital spokeswoman said last night the three people involved in the crash were being assessed by doctors.

Alcohol or speed did not appear to be a factor, Mr Munro said. Police were investigating the accident.

Police officers controlled traffic on the road until both cars were towed away.

The crash was the ninth crash at the intersection in five years.

Two crashes happened on consecutive days earlier this month at the same intersection.

Two cars collided on July 18, a day after two cars crashed at the same corner. No-one was injured in either crash.

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