Theft with bankcard 'mean'

A Blenheim man who stole $500 from a pensioner's bank account after she left her card in an ATM machine will be sentenced in September.

Joseph Tony John Burt, 22, appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday where he admitted the theft.

The court was told that Burt was waiting behind a 70-year-old woman at a bank machine in Queen St, Blenheim, on May 30.

When she walked away leaving her eftpos card in the machine, Burt stepped forward and withdrew $500.

Judge Richard Russell described Burt's actions as a "mean and miserable theft".

"You should actually be ashamed of yourself," he said. "I take a particularly dim view on this."

The woman's victim impact statement showed she had been badly affected by the offending, Judge Russell said.

He warned Burt to be in a position to pay reparation to the woman before his sentencing date on September 2.

Burt's lawyer, Laurie Murdoch, said Burt would be thinking about selling some of his belongings before then, including furniture, to raise money for the reparation costs.

Burt will appear in court again on August 12 for his bail address to be reviewed.


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