Fonterra gives dairy farmer deadline to clean up

Fonterra has given Tuamarina dairy farmer Philip Woolley until Thursday to fix problems including cow effluent running into the milk tanker turning area outside his dairy shed.

A Fonterra Environmental Improvement Plan given to Mr Woolley, of Awarua Farm, this month gives him until August 1 to fix three dairy effluent discharge and storage problems and until August 15 to fix a fourth.

The plan was part of the evidence at an Environment Court hearing last week to consider the Marlborough District Council's application for an enforcement order against Mr Woolley's company Awarua Farm.

The Fonterra plan says cow effluent was washing onto the tanker track at Awarua Farm when the yard was cleaned.

Mr Woolley was instructed to clear rubbish and equipment from drains in an old piggery used to store dairy shed effluent and to divert stormwater from the piggery roof. Adding rainwater to effluent meant storage was probably not adequate, the plan said.

Fonterra also gave Mr Woolley until Thursday to prevent effluent reaching the milk collection area by replacing a drain.

A stock access lane from the dairy shed yard must be changed to prevent effluent running into an adjacent drain by August 15, Fonterra said.

The Marlborough Express