Judge contemplates sentence

22:52, Jul 29 2013

Judge Russell will spend the next month considering a jail sentence for a Blenheim man who has continually failed to carry out his community work.

The Blenheim District Court was told that Kevin James Tahuaroa, 26, had missed three days of community work in the past three months. He has 122 hours left to complete.

"I am distinctly troubled with what to do with this man," Judge Russell said. "He has been given pretty clear warnings by two judges; if you do not do your community work, you will go to jail. Yet you still have this problem."

However, Judge Russell said Tahuaroa had attended several days of community work, completing 77 hours.

"I get no pleasure in sending people to jail in this job - I only do it because I have to, so I'm buying myself a bit more time," he said.

"You better impress the living daylights out of me if you want to keep out of jail. Is there anything about what I have said that you don't understand? I'm going to spend the next month thinking about what to do with you."

Judge Russell asked for the details of Tahuaroa's community service attendance rate to be made available when Tahuaroa appears in court again on August 27.



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