Some things old, something new

21:31, Oct 23 2013
Andrew and Heather-Anne Ritchie
At home: Andrew and Heather-Anne Ritchie feel very at home in their new antique store and hope their customers will too

A husband and wife duo are following their passion and opening an antiques and decorative arts store in Blenheim.

Owners Andrew and Heather-Anne Ritchie are opening the doors to their new store ‘Great Expectations' at 93 Middle Renwick Rd on Saturday.

"I am very excited to open the store, I just hope the eftpos machine arrives on time. If our sign is outside the door we are open," Mr Ritchie said.

He owned an antique store on Grove Rd for 13 years, but his interest in antiques has never waned.

"Working with antiques is not a job, it's a passion," he said.

"I own this building and thought it would be a great use for it and I can work with what I am passionate about every day. It's a win-win really."


Mrs Ritchie was excited to know people will be able to share in their enthusiasm.

"We will be functioning like many large antique stores do in the UK and rent our space in our store to different dealers. This will allow us to cover all interest in one store," she said.

On walking into the store, one is welcomed with the smell of freshly oiled furniture. The couple love the way visitors react to this and the antiques.

"The interest in antiques has grown over recent years. People are watching programmes like Antiques Roadshow and understand that with antiques you are buying more than just piece of furniture. [Each] has a story and is a piece in someone's history," Mrs Ritchie said.

The couple hope that people will share their excitement for the furniture, for their "Narnia wardrobes" and "Aslan chairs".

"Different things have such vastly different meanings to people, but the stories that come out with antiques are always amazing," Mr Ritchie said.