Why I stole the 'M'

02:02, Oct 24 2013
TAKEAWAY: Two quarter pounders and a golden 'M'

The man who stole a golden 'M' from McDonald's in Blenheim said he only went in for two quarter pounders. 

Blenheim man Jake Franz, 24, told the Express earlier today that he noticed someone else pulling at the sign while he waited for his order.

The other man had half pulled it off already, Mr Franz said.

Missing M
Police released this photograph which lead to Jake Franz turning himself in to Blenheim police.

''So I decided to take it.''

He wasn't sure how long the man had been working at the letter, but it basically fell off, he said.

Mr Franz set off at a run with the large 'M' and his two burgers, which he planned on eating once he reached his Redwoodtown home.


As he approached Marlborough Boys' College on Francis St, he heard a car and got paranoid, he said.

He dropped the 'M' outside the school, near the front field, and carried on walking.

Mr Franz said he was sober at the time.

He only had two or three beers with friends in town before walking to McDonald's about 4am.

Mr Franz was surprised at how big the story had become, he said. 

This morning he talked to Jay-Jay, Mike and Dom on The Edge radio station, but he wasn't sure if it would be aired.

''I was stunned. I didn't think it was that much of an event,'' he said.

''Everyone's going ballistic.''

An image that police released of his face caught on security camera was pretty blatant, and he decided to turn himself in on Tuesday.

He hadn't been back to the spot where he dumped the letter, which is still missing. He assumed someone else had picked it up, he said. 

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At the time, Mr Franz thought taking the 'M' was hilarious, he said.

''Now I don't.''

He has been charged with theft and is to appear at the Blenheim District Court on Tuesday.

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