Police hunting short hi-vis burglar


Police are on the hunt for a very short burglar wearing a hi-vis vest and a bicycle helmet who has been sneaking into homes in Blenheim.

A police spokeswoman said the burglar has been active in Springlands, Beaver Rd, Eltham Rd and Maxwell Rd in the past couple of weeks.

Cash, jewellery, phones and small electronic items have been pinched, she said.

A Blenheim woman posted a warning on Facebook to people living in the Beaver Rd area after her mother came home to find a man in a hi-vis vest going through her drawers.

She described him as very short with dark hair. He was wearing a helmet.

Police believe the man's activities have been seriously under-reported.

Some residents might have come across the man on their property but did not report it because they believed the excuses he gave for why he was there, the spokeswoman said.

People have reported seeing the man riding a bicycle. It is believed he also wore gloves.

One victim told police the man had said he was looking for someone when they approached him.

Police believed the man was targeting unlocked houses and vehicles. They urged people to lock their homes, garages and sheds when they were not home.

The man is described as Caucasian of small build and in his 40s or 50s.

Police are asking people who may have seen him in their neighbourhood but have not reported it to come forward. Contact Blenheim police on 03 578 5279 if you have information about the man.

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