Helmet saves boy hit by ute, say police

22:30, Dec 04 2013

Wearing a helmet likely saved the life of a 14-year-old boy who was hit by a ute while riding a quad bike across a state highway near Rai Valley on Sunday, police say.

The teenager remained in Wairau Hospital with moderate face and chest injuries yesterday.

A hospital spokeswoman said his condition was improving.

Senior Constable Beau Webster, of Havelock, said the boy was hit by the hit as he was crossing the highway from one paddock to another between Pelorus Bridge and Rai Valley about 10.30am on Sunday.

The quad bike spun around several times and the boy ended up on the ground beside it.

The ute, which had been going about 100kmh, travelled another 65 metres after impact before crashing into a fence, Mr Webster said. "It was lucky it didn't roll."


It appeared the boy had looked to the right when he came out of the paddock, but not to the left, he said.

"The only reason he's still alive is because he was wearing a helmet."

No charges had been laid.

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