Blenheim campaign to win fast broadband

21:41, Dec 05 2013
Debbie Carter
Social campaign: Express reporter Sonia Beal and Marlborough Chamber of Commerce office manager Debbie Carter who is leading an online campaign to win Blenheim access to the fastest broadband in Australasia.

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The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce wants all the help it can get so Blenheim can win access to the fastest broadband in Australasia - even if it means sourcing fans from the other side of the world.

Chamber office manager Debbie Carter has been busy this week recruiting hashtaggers from Marlborough in England to support the cause.

She has asked our English counterparts to use the hashtag #gigatownbln or #gigatownblenheim in individual posts on social media sites, so the town can earn more points in the Chorus-run competition.

A hashtag is a way for people to search social media posts that have a common topic.

Winning the ultrafast broadband access would greatly benefit people in Blenheim and Marlborough, in New Zealand, Mrs Carter said.


Telecommunications infrastructure company Chorus launched Gigatown in October, encouraging Kiwis around the world to use social media to share their views on why their favourite New Zealand town should gain one gigabyte per second internet access for three years.

"Our town is amazing, but our young people do leave and we are becoming the fastest growing retirement town in New Zealand, when really we want to become the most innovative town," Mrs Carter said.

For Blenheim to win the competition, people have to register online at and choose Blenheim as their town.

Each person who registers earns 10 points. But you can take it a step further and use hashtags on the likes of Twitter to earn more points.

Blenheim is trailing behind on the leader board in 13th place.

A Chorus spokeswoman said yesterday afternoon that the town had a total of 189 supporters and 10,084 points.

Mrs Carter urged everyone to get behind Gigatown. "We could have Weta Studios based in Blenheim, what about Microsoft and all those techie companies that are out there in New Zealand."

The overall contest closes in September 2014, but the current competition ends at midnight on Saturday.

The town with the most sign-ups will win 25,000 points and a public artwork by 3D street artist Leon Kerr.

Towns that double their sign-ups will earn bonus points.


FACEBOOK: You can only post on Facebook pages that are registered with Chorus - so make sure you ''like'' Gigatown Blenheim and use the hashtag on that page.

TWITTER: Tweet or retweet every post about #gigatownbln/#gigatownblenheim.

INSTAGRAM: Post an image with a caption that includes #gigatownblenheim or #gigatownbln.  The photos need to be relevant to Chorus or the internet: a computer, phone, Chorus van, man laying a cable. Cute animals don't count.

TUMBLR: Post using #gigatownbln or #gigatownblenheim as per Instagram.

FLICKR: Post using #gigatownbln or #gigatownblenheim as per Instagram and Tumblr.

Only one #gigatownbln or #gigatownblenheim is counted in any post.


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