Musical library for workers

22:43, Dec 12 2013
Charlotte Campbell
Happy note: Charlotte Campbell with two of the guitars donated to her new music library

A horticultural contracting employee has started a musical instrument library for seasonal workers from Vanuatu.

Charlotte Campbell has collected three guitars and a drum set so far, but hopes for many more.

Ni-Vans had such natural talent for music, Ms Campbell said.

"They picked up my guitar over the winter and took turns playing, they all played like professionals, it was amazing," she said.

Ms Campbell, who works for Thornhill Horticultural Contracting, started the new library by donating a guitar of her own.

But it bothered her to think that they would all have to share it, she said.


"Playing music together at the end of a long day is part of their culture and I can only imagine will help with the homesickness they must feel."

Music fostered a wonderful sense of community for the vineyard workers during their seven-month contract, she said.

The instruments will stay in Blenheim and be stored at the offices of Thornhill Horticultural Contacting.

Ms Campbell would love any instruments, especially guitars and ukuleles, as the Ni-Vans seemed to have a natural talent for string instruments in particular.

"I am willing to take instruments that need to be fixed to work as well.

"Ritual Cafe have kindly put up a donation jar to help pay for such costs," Ms Campbell said.

"The donations I have received so far have been used for buying new strings and repairing any instruments that are a bit damaged."

Anyone wishing to donate instruments can contact Charlotte Campbell on 021 049 7173.

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