TJ excited to step into head girl shoes

Top prefect: Marlborough Girls’ College year 12 student Tessa-Jane Power, also known as TJ, has been named head girl for 2014.
Top prefect: Marlborough Girls’ College year 12 student Tessa-Jane Power, also known as TJ, has been named head girl for 2014.

Being named head girl for 2014 has been the highlight of Marlborough Girls' College student Tessa-Jane Power's school years.

Tessa-Jane, or TJ to most, was among the 24 prefects announced during a school assembly yesterday morning.

TJ, who has two older sisters, was the only one of the thre to be made a prefect, she said. "Getting head girl has been the highlight for me. It's very humbling that people think that way about me."

TJ said she was looking forward to the challenge of her new leadership role.

"I've got an amazing group of girls behind me, an amazing group of prefects.

"I am very, very excited about it, but I'm also nervous because I know I've got big shoes to fill because of Georgie Crawford [2013 head prefect]. She's been an amazing leader and I know everyone's looked up to her."

Marlborough Girls' College principal Karen Stewart said TJ had been the "forerunner" during the selection process.

TJ was a very talented sportswoman and a passionate, people-person whose personality would shine through in her role as head girl, Mrs Stewart said.

Her involvement at school included netball, cross country, deputy house prefect, ASB Stage Challenge and mentoring roles.

Students interested in becoming a prefect had to apply. The selection included staff and students being surveyed on the candidates, staff meetings, interviews and looking back through student records to find the ideal fit.


Marlborough Girls' College prefects for 2014

Tessa-Jane Power, head prefect;

Libby Halligan, deputy head prefect;

Rosie Argyle, head of school council;

Lucy Young, academic;

Tahlia-Rose Simmonds, community service;

Ella Arnst, community service;

Emma Logan, cultural;

Jenny Argyle, environment;

Heeyeon Oh, international;

Sarah Maxwell, junior school year 9;

Georgia Murrin, junior school Year 10;

Courtney Wilson, Maori;

Grace Davies, sports;

Sarah Morris, student support;

Ashlesha Sawant, student support;

Ester Cohen, promotions and events;

Amy Tempero, promotions and events;

Taylor Brooks, technical support;

Margot Martin-Babin, library;

Portia Barcello, Awatere House leader;

Alex Parker, Kaituna House;

Ellarose Hammond, Opawa House;

Emily Hurley, Wairau House;

Jesse Cain, Board of Trustees representative

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