Picton water tasting better

16:00, Dec 13 2013

Picton residents may have noticed a difference in the taste of their tap water since a secondary water source was turned on last week.

Picton's main water supply is from a bore in Speeds Road, but this is supplemented by the stream-fed Essons Valley water treatment plant in summer.

Marlborough District Council's operations and maintenance engineer Stephen Rooney said the members of the public often detected the slight change in the taste of Picton's water when the Essons Valley plant was turned on.

The difference would have been quite noticeable to some people, but residents could be assured that the water from Essons Valley complied with the national drinking water standards, he said.

Council staff had been mixing the water supplies evenly since the weekend to limit the impact of the taste change, he said.

Picton resident Jason Mitchelmore said water at his house was terrible five or six days ago, but he had noticed a definite change for the better the last two days.


"My water had a really musty flavour and almost tasted of dirt, it really wasn't nice to drink," Mr Mitchelmore said.

EcoWorld Aquarium manager Regan Russell said he had not really noticed the difference in the water as he usually drank filtered water.

"I tasted it today and it tastes less of chlorine than usual, but it isn't terrible," he said.

The Marlborough Express