Everything to Gane on Poppa's patch

23:04, Dec 15 2013
Max Morris
Poppy's potatoes: Grandchildren, from left, Max Morris, Sam Morris, Jake Gane, Jimmy Morris, AJ Gane and Mya Gane with Graeme 'Poppy' Gane at the pea patch of his Rapaura farm

Eight Marlborough children are spending the first few weeks of their school holidays digging and selling potatoes and peas on their grandparents' farm.

Last year the children, aged from 6 to 15, sold potatoes at $5 a bag at the Rapaura farm to earn some extra pocket money.

This year, Graeme "poppa" Gane decided to up the ante and plant some peas.

Max Morris
Financial education: Graeme Gane's grandchildren are learning about money the old fashioned way

The children advertised their peas and potatoes in the Marlborough Express and had Poppa's Potatoes t-shirts made.

The word "team" is on the back of each while "the boss" is written on Mr Gane's one.

Mr Gane, who has planted 1000 kilograms of potato seed, said he enjoyed working with his grandchildren and getting the old plough going.


A lot of kids get money given to them but his grandchildren would earn their extra cash, he said.

Raewyn "nanny" Gane said it was surprising how many children who visited last year didn't know where a potato came from.

"It's good for kids to come out and see how they're grown," she said. "Some of them thought they came from the supermarket."

The children will get stuck in digging up the potatoes when they finish school next week. They planned on getting out early in the morning or when it cooled down.

After a hard day's work they will be rewarded with an ice block and a dip in the pool at nanny's house.

Mya Gane, 8, wil spend her earnings at the Rapaura School Country Harvest Fair in March while Max Morris, 11, was saving up for a motorbike.

Poppa's Potatoes can be bought at 85 Selmes Rd, Rapaura, for $5 a bag. People can head along on Saturday and Sunday to pick their own peas.

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