Happy birthday

23:52, Dec 15 2013

A scooter-mad Marlborough boy had the best surprise he could ask for at his 13th birthday on Saturday - a visit from two pro New Zealand scooter riders.

Hunter Cooper said he had no idea Wellington's Thomas Fitzgerald-Grout, 16, and Napier's Angus McKenzie, 15, were coming to his party, and "couldn't speak" when he laid eyes on them.

They were to spend the day at the Renwick skatepark, Hunter's favourite place to skate.

"I love scootering, I normally go in Blenheim but I like it [in Renwick] better cause it's a bit bigger and there's not as many people," he said.

Hunter had been riding scooters for about a year and said he hoped to learn lots of cool tricks from Thomas and Angus.

Angus, the current New Zealand champion scooter rider, and Thomas said it was "really cool" to have Hunter as a fan and that his mum, Rebecca Moorhouse, went to the trouble of getting them to town as party guests of honour.

They were to spending Saturday night at Hunter's place before heading back to the North Island yesterday. Ms Moorhouse got in touch with the professional scooter riders with the help of Chanelle Smith at Avanti Plus.


The Marlborough Express