Court appearances

22:30, Dec 16 2013

Teresa Denise Siggelkow, 35, appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday and was remanded for restorative justice to take place with her neighbour after she stole from his property.

The Blenheim woman was at home on December 1 and her children were playing outside about 3.30pm. One of her children threw a purse over the fence to the neighbour's property.

Siggelkow jumped the fence to get the purse and while she was there she began throwing firewood from the neighbour's property onto her property.

When spoken to by police she admitted the facts and said she did not have permission to take the wood, which was returned to the neighbour.

Siggelkow admitted the burglary charge and was remanded until February 10.



Walter Frederick Narayan, 36, of Christchurch, pleaded guilty to a charge of breaching a protection order and one of breaching his release conditions when he appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday.

Mr Harris said Narayan went to the house of the protected person in Blenheim about 4.30am on December 13. He knocked on her window, waking her up, and she phoned police immediately.

When police arrived they found an intoxicated Narayan hiding in an outdoor laundry.

Judge Thomas noted that Narayan had five previous breaches of a protection order in the past two years and sentenced him to six months' jail for breaching the protection order and three months' jail for breaching release conditions, to be served concurrently.

The second breach occurred on December 11 when Narayan failed to complete alcohol and drug treatment.

He would be subject to release conditions for six months after completing the jail sentence.

Elizabeth Jenniffer Bryant, 50, pleaded guilty to one charge of careless driving causing injury when she appeared in court yesterday.

Bryant was originally facing five charges of careless driving causing injury, however, four of them were withdrawn.

Mr Harris told the court that Bryant was driving north on State Highway 1 in Tuamarina on October 7. As she left the 70kmh zone in the township just past a blind corner, she began to reverse her car.

Another car, carrying a woman and her four grandchildren came around the corner and crashed into Bryant's vehicle.

Both cars were written off and some of the victims received back and neck injuries in the crash.

Judge Thomas convicted Bryant and remanded her until February 3 so the option of restorative justice could be explored, and the reparation amount could be ascertained.

Bevan John Kelly, 43, of Riverlands, was further remanded in custody until January 13 on 22 charges, most of which relate to supplying methamphetamine; one charge is of threatening behaviour.

Cameron Ross Fyfe, 20, of Redwoodtown, had a charge of receiving stolen property withdrawn in court yesterday.

Douglas Dylan Marshall, 18, of Renwick, had a charge of sustained loss of traction withdrawn.

Kevin Michael Clark, 48, pleaded guilty to two amended charges in court yesterday. One charge of male assaults female was amended to a charge of assault and another of possessing an offensive weapon was amended to frightening behaviour.

The Redwoodtown man was remanded until February 3 for restorative justice to be explored.

Jamie Donald Huntley, 17, pleaded not guilty to a charge of possession of utensils for smoking cannabis. The Blenheim man will reappear on January 27 for a case review hearing.

Jesse Damien Joseph Farrow appeared on two charges of breaching his community work and breaching his post-detention conditions. He pleaded guilty to the charges and had both sentences cancelled and new sentences imposed on each charge.

He was sentenced to complete 90 hours' community work for breaching community work and six months' supervision for breaching the post-detention conditions.

Shane Shirley-McKay, 19, had two cannabis-related charges withdrawn in court yesterday. He had been charged with possessing cannabis plant material and a bong for smoking cannabis.

Gary Colin Rogers, 40, was remanded without plea for assaulting a female and breaching a protection order. The Springlands man will reappear on January 13.

George Korohine Ra Marlow, 18, was convicted and discharged when he appeared on a charge of wilful trespass yesterday.

Marlow was trespassed from the Marlborough District Library for two years in June last year. On December 8 he was seen by a staff member in the library courtyard.

Police were called and, in explanation, Marlow said he thought the trespass order had finished.

Sione Elisi Vasi, 37, was warned by Judge Thomas about his behaviour when he appeared yesterday facing a charge of disorderly behaviour.

The Blenheim vineyard worker admitted the charge, which related to an incident on November 30 about 1.15am.

Mr Harris said police were called to Litchfield St by residents complaining about people yelling in the street.

When police arrived, Vasi was standing in the middle of the road with no top on and did not move for the police car. He would not stop yelling and threatened to punch anyone who came near him.

Judge Thomas convicted Vasi and fined him $200.

Joshua Iain Stead, 21, pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing cannabis when he appeared in court yesterday.

He was convicted and fined $300.

Stewart Douglas Edward Holdem, 32, was convicted and discharged when he appeared on a charge of breaching a protection order yesterday.

Judge Thomas said she believed the sentence was appropriate because Holdem had been making steps to change his behaviour since the incident on November 20.

The court heard that the Blenheim factory worker had gone to the home of his ex-partner and children about 2.30am and tried to get into bed with her.

When she said he should get out, he got up and left the bedroom before going into the lounge and smashing a framed photo on the ground.

"You've done an awful lot to take steps to try and ensure this doesn't happen again and I give you credit for that," the judge said.

Johnny Peter Materoa was remanded without plea on a charge of burglary. The 19-year-old Redwoodtown man will reappear on January 13.

Wayne Francis Robinson, 49, was remanded without plea on a charge of possessing cannabis for the purpose of supply. The Redwoodtown man will reappear on January 13.

A 33-year-old woman was convicted and ordered to come up for sentence if called upon within 12 months for assault on a child. The Picton woman was granted final name suppression.

Richard Steven Maddock, 52, was remanded without plea until January 13 on a charge of breaching his home detention sentence. He was remanded on home detention.


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