Festive barbecue open to all

22:12, Dec 17 2013

For most of us Christmas is a time spent surrounded by family and close friends, but for those who find themselves far from home or isolated it can be lonely.

Since 2010 the Renwick Presbyterian Church has held a Christmas barbecue that is open to anyone who wants to go along and enjoy the day with good company.

The barbecue is run by church member Liz Cromarty and the aim is simply to get people together on Christmas Day.

"We started it for the Ni-Van guys but it soon grew to include anyone. Some people don't really have anyone to spend Christmas with - they say that they have a quiet Christmas, but no one really wants a quiet Christmas, they want to spend it with others," Liz says.

The annual celebration is held at the church from noon until about 4pm, with a gas barbecue provided for those who want to do some cooking. The Ni-Van vineyard workers are great musicians and may even provide some entertainment too, Liz says.

"Anyone is welcome - people are asked to bring a plate of food and a drink to share - there is always plenty to eat. There is a paddling pool and waterslide, great for the kids to cool off in. Last year we did the dishes outside just to share the load," she says.

The church is on the corner of Nicholson and Havelock streets in Renwick. For more call Liz on 03 572 9809.


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