Season opens

04:37, Dec 20 2013
Bruce Rodgerson
It’s not always about the food, Bruce Rodgerson catches his first Blue Cod on a jig

The Marlborough Sounds blue cod fishing season opens today.

Information on the Ministry of Primary Industries' website reminds people that within the Sounds, fishers can only take or possess two blue cod, with lengths between 30cm and 35cm, per person per day.

This applies even if the fish was caught over more than one day, fished outside the Marlborough Sounds Area, or the fisher is transporting the fish through the area.

blue cod
Blue cod

Blue cod must not be filleted before landing unless they are eaten immediately. Any cod eaten form part of the fisher's daily limit.

Fishers staying in baches or living aboard vessels are not exempt from these regulations and may only land or transport by sea two whole or gutted blue cod on any one day.

The rules were introduced to allow recreational fishers to use the fishery while also helping ensure blue cod populations recover to a healthy state. 

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