Mystery slick gone

A diesel slick covering part of Queen Charlotte Sound has evaporated, says the Marlborough harbourmaster.

The spill stretched from Waikawa Bay to Allports Island and was reported by Strait Shipping ferry staff on Tuesday.

Other people boating in Queen Charlotte Sound spotted the oil spill sitting on the water's surface.

Harbourmaster Alex Van Wijngaarden said he did not know the source of the slick.

However, that was often the case because a little bit of diesel could spread a long way on the surface of the sea, he said.

"If you put a cup of diesel in an Olympic-sized swimming pool it would cover it," he said.

Someone pumping a bilge, for example, could be unaware that the water contained fuel.

Boats driving through the spill helped dispersal, he said. No action was needed and the spill had evaporated in a few hours.

Asked whether the 16-metre yacht, Aqualuna, which burned and sunk at the Bay of Many Coves in Queen Charlotte Sound could have been the source of the slick, he said this was too far away.

The Marlborough Express