Leave Fido at home

Leaving dogs in cars in summer is an absolute no-no, says an SPCA manager.

Regional manager Geoff Sutton said in 20 years with the SPCA he had been involved in rescuing a number of dogs from cars and many had died.

Dogs cooled down by breathing and even with the windows down, on a hot day the temperature in a car would be 40 degrees Celsius, Mr Scott said.

Providing water would help but leaving dogs at home was the best idea.

"If the trip in the car is not for the benefit of the dog, leave it at home," he said.

Three years ago the SPCA successfully prosecuted a woman who left her pomeranian in a car parked on a rooftop shopping centre in Christchurch.

The pet "cooked from the inside out and it did not take long", he said.

Blenheim police community Constable Russ Smith mostly took calls about children being left in cars or unattended.

However, there was the odd complaint about dogs shut in cars, especially between January and March.

Last summer the police broke a car window to rescue a dog shut in a hot car in central Blenheim, he said.

SPCA Canterbury's summer newsletter said the temperature inside a car was often 10 degrees warmer than that outside.

Dogs could withstand this heat for a short time but then risked heatstroke, irreparable brain damage, then death.

The Marlborough Express