Forecast looking up

02:38, Dec 24 2013
Darn global warming. The rocks keep sticking through the snow at the Pole and scratching my board.
Santa 2
Yeah whatever Rudolf. Watch me catch this next set of rapids
Santa 5
Will this genuine imitation velvet suit shrink in these pristine Marlborough waters?
Santa 9
Santa I know I'm not supposed to pinch my sister but it's really all her fault and the dog put those chocolate wrappers under my bed and I have no idea who sprayed dad's shaving foam all over the cat, said Cody Smith
Santa 10
All these years you've been wondering where I get my naughty and nice information - Well Marlborough, big brother is watching YOU!
Santa 11
The question is .... have these guys been naughty or nice?
Santa 14
Oh Teddy, there is no need to thank me. I deliver presents to everyone in the whole world.
Santa 16
Dam those reindeer joining the union and demanding a 8 hour work day. How am I supposed to deliver gifts to the world in that short time.
Santa 17
Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought I could feel so free.
Santa 19
Gates won't keep me out - I can see you have a chimney
Santa 23
Send us a caption for this photo
Santa 26
Phew, Mother Claus get's so mad when I draw yellow pictures in the snow
Santa 27
Mighty fine paper this one. I've been reading it online all year. Merry Christmas Marlborough

Those celebrating Christmas in Marlborough tomorrow can expect a "day of two halves" when a southerly change hits the region.

MetService communications meteorologist John Law said Marlborough would not be a bad place to be, with a high of 27 degrees Celsius. However, there is a possibility of isolated showers in the afternoon.

A front was expected to move through from the south later today, he said, but tomorrow morning was looking mostly fine with westerly winds.

Santa saves Makos
SANTA SAYS: SAVE OUR MAKOS because there's nothing better than watching a good kiwi rugby match during my off season at the North Pole.
Santa Fishing
Santa says: Fishing rods make great Christmas presents.
SANTA SAYS: These waders would be great when I'm fishing with the polar bears at the North Pole
SANTA SAYS: Who needs ham or turkey for Christmas when I can fish up a trout for free!
SANTA SAYS: I look good in waders
SANTA SAYS: Kids have all the best fun!
SANTA SAYS: Hmmm, I think I might come back for the Marlborough Wine and Food festival on February 13, 2010
SANTA SAYS: Enjoy those long summer days in a Marlborough vineyard but don't drink and drive unless like me, your blanc beverage is a trim milk with added calcium.
SANTA SAYS: I'm considering upgrading my sleigh for one of these Interislander ferries. It might improve my carbon footprint and they sure do hold a lot of presents.
SANTA SAYS: I know they are pretty basic sandcastles but you should see me work with snow!
SANTA SAYS: I scream, you scream, we scream for ICE CREAM.
SANTA SAYS: How was I to know low riders were no longer in fashion? It's not like I get vogue at the pole!
SANTA SAYS: Just remember I know when you've been naughty, I know when you've been nice. I know when you've been good or bad so be good for goodness sake! And MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
SANTA SAYS: Julia Child suggested we make our own chocolates this year but I think I should leave it up to Makana. I majored in distribution not production.
SANTA SAYS: How am I going to eat icecream through all this hair?
SANTA SAYS: Bugger Jenny Craig! Two for me, one for the Christmas stockings, two for me, one for the Christmas stockings....
SANTA SAYS: I hope the kids can't see the glass of pinot noir I have in my other hand. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas
SANTA SAYS: I love Christmas in Marlborough. Cherries, stawberries, asparagus. It sure beats that lump of coal they leave me in Europe.

A southerly change was expected in the afternoon but showers were most likely to hit the Kaikoura coast.

The Marlborough Sounds could expect similar weather to Blenheim, with "not a bad start, just a chance of a shower later".


Santa says, This kayak will come in handy when I'm delivering gifts to children in the Marlborough Sounds
Santa says: You didn't know I sneak into town before Christmas to check out who is being naughty and who is being nice.
Santa says: Don't tell Mrs Claus you saw me here at Highfield with Allison.
Santa says, Merry Christmas Marlborough
Santa says: I should get the elves to build me a magnificent museum like this one at Omaka. Those folks sure do look real.
Santa says: Yes, I have your name in my 'good children' book. It says Margaret Taurima ,3, would like enough presents to fill her pillow case right up to her ears.
Santa says, Ah, Christmas in the southern hemisphere is mighty fine. Stawberries & cream, my favourite.
Santa says, I've had a GPS installed in my hat so it points to the next chimney on my delivery list.
Santa says, WARNING: I've included this photo of yet another Santa impersonator. These imposters can't be trusted. Anyone can see he is not me -he's wearing brown shoes.
Santa says, I'm not sure why my hair and beard turned white while my hairy legs remained a youthful black.
Santa says, Photographer Ben Curran was thrilled when I offered to push his car out of the gravel. Silly boy, now he's listed in my 'naughty book'. No gifts for you this year young man!
Santa says, This would never happen if everyone was more environmentally aware and used reindeer.
santa marlborough
Santa took a tour of Marlborough in 2011