New roundabout in town

Traffic island on Taylor Pass Rd
Traffic island on Taylor Pass Rd

A subdivision on the outskirts of Blenheim has brought the town its latest roundabout.

The traffic island on Taylor Pass Rd has been installed as part of the planned expansion of Boulevard Park.

It is part of the wider Taylor subdivision being developed by the Marlborough District Council.

Council subsidiary company MDC Holdings paid $65,000 to build the roundabout at the entrance to the proposed subdivision extension.

Council executive projects manager Jamie Lyall said the Taylor Pass land was zoned residential and expansion needed to be considered in the design stages.

"The Taylor Pass roundabout was installed as it is part of the subdivision design, scheme plan, resource consent conditions and master planning associated with the development of the Taylor Pass area."

Plans for the Taylor Pass area allowed for up to 300 sections, Mr Lyall said.

The subdivision was designed to meet future traffic flows.

The roundabout has been created on a relatively quiet road, while work has not yet started on one planned at the intersection of Battys, Middle Renwick and Murphys roads, which has a much higher traffic volume.

Mr Lyall said it was not a question of putting the Taylor Pass roundabout ahead of Battys Rd as there was no link between the two.

Work on the Battys Rd project is due to begin in mid-2014.

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