Festival to showcase the Sounds

Art and music: David Tate has organised a four-day New Year festival to be held in Otatara Bay.
Art and music: David Tate has organised a four-day New Year festival to be held in Otatara Bay.

An avid festival-goer has decided to bring his own to Marlborough in the hopes that it will showcase music, art and talent in the region.

Organiser David Tate said Otatara Bay, in the Pelorus Sound, would be the backdrop for Twisted Frequency, a four-day outdoor celebration to welcome the new year.

At least 85 artists from around the country and the globe were set to play at the event, with genres ranging from electronic and psychedelic trance to hip hop and acoustic music, Mr Tate said.

"The motivation was to create an event that more closely reflects outdoor music festivals going on around the world," he said.

Making the festival alcohol-free was intended to showcase talent "without the extra chaos".

"Just the nature of the festival, outdoor music festivals of this style aren't sponsored by alcohol companies - it's not commercially motivated."

There would be a variety of stalls including arts, crafts, organic food and coffee and learning zones about performance, conservation and music production.

"It's a collective stream of outdoor creative people involved in all walks of life."

The event runs from Monday to Thursday next week and is open to all ages.

Mr Tate said the public reception to the idea was positive.

"We've got people headed from the top of the North Island, Melbourne, Cairns . . . there's been a bit of international interest," he said.

Many of the artists performing had a stronger following in Australia than in New Zealand, which explained the interest from over the ditch.

Bands included The No Problemos, Quanta, Akasha and Grouch.

There was a limit of about 600 people and tickets can be purchased at any Cosmic Corner store or online at twistedfrequency.co.nz.

The Otatara Bay site will be signposted from Havelock, and the website will also feature directions from Havelock and Picton.

Mr Tate said he hoped the celebration would be the start of a regular event.

Music by: Dusty Fungus, Grouch, Reflection, Whitebear, Unsub VS Amphetimess, Greko, Jekyll, Daisycutter, Hypnotoad, Lean Up, Foldy, Samurai Psy, Subconscious, Bloop, Olie Bassweight, Awkwalk, Lucid, Dr Krankinstein, Complement, (((Om, Zim Bardy, Spacecase, Dusk, Subminimal, B.L.A.C.K.O.U.T, Acerbic, Illume, Durgymoov, Jahne, Mode, Lackadaisical, Fractaleyes, SIE, Alexis K, Loom, Filthy Tomo, Screaming Turtle, Ridge Jaggers, Nightowl, Artech, Auma, Quanta, Akasha, Tummy Talk, Obeast, RICCO MAZZER, Timmy P MC, SIMIANTICS, SOYTRANCE, SHINDIG, SILICON BEAT, Tansy, Kameron Kafai, 3 Days to the East, EnFire, Evil Mule, Jostle Throng, The No Problemos, Death and the maiden, Tsunami, Us, The Shakedown, Pants Off, The Dark Country, DJ Pleez, Tiedye, Jabberwocky, Luice & Greeen, Roast Crew, FunkAcybin, Weka, SOULID, Artemisia - The Gammaventure, Soundboy Tom, Multiple Cirrhosis, DOSE DECEPTA PHDK, Ctrl ALt Delete, Panic, The rainbow warrior, Melting Faces, Alice Spacedoll, GELIDO, CIVIL DIN, STEEZIN' HAWKINS, TSUNAMI HOUSE.