Trash or treasure boon for op shops

22:57, Jan 01 2014
Carol Schofield
Holiday dump: SPCA Op Shop manager Carol Schofield in the skip full of rubbish that has been dumped in front of the shop

Op shops in Blenheim have been busy this week with both donations and customers.

Many residents appear to have used the holiday period to clear out cupboards and garages, donating unwanted items to charity shops.

Some stores have also had to deal with unwanted rubbish dumped outside their doors.

SPCA Op Shop manager Carol Schofield said they were grateful for the amount of good items donated to the Grove Rd store.

Unfortunately a lot of rubbish was being dumped in front of their store as well.

"We have been working for two days to clear out all the dumped rubbish. Luckily Crafar Crouch Construction donated the use of a skip, which will help with costs of getting rid of it."


The store has also had to pay to get rid of four television sets since Christmas.

The Blue Door manager Bronwen Demmocks said fewer people seemed to be dumping outside their store in Charles St since more signs and a gate had been added.

"Marlborough has clearly been decluttering, because we have had a lot of donations," she said.

The store had also been busy serving customers during the past few weeks.

The Blenheim Hospice Shop has also had fewer unsaleable products being dumped outside.

Manager Christine Law said December had been a busy month and the support in both donating and buying had been great.

"We are always looking for donations and volunteers," she said.

More holidaymakers had been visiting the Salvation Army Family Store in Blenheim, manager Tania Murphy said. Many people travelled from town to town and visited different op shops, she said. The store had also had some dumping of broken furniture behind their store, which had cost them $50 to remove.

"Luckily that was the only costly dump we have had the last two months but it is such a waste as we are all raising money for a cause," Ms Murphy said.

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