Sports day in the bay

19:04, Jan 06 2014
Arriving at Hopai
Hopai 75
Under 6 tug of war
Hopai 91
Under 14 tug of war
Sack race
Archie Osborne-Bartlett, won the 100m running race
Hopai sports day
Sack race
Una and Mali Lynskey, under 6y three-leg race
Jake Chadwick, 12y, completing the He Man
Willie Abel underhand chop
Rosie Buchanan-Brown
Rosie Buchanan-Brown, gumboot throwing and won the Gordon Harvey Sportsperson of the day cup
Ella Bond
Ella Bond 3-year-old sack race
John Dixon & Karoly Radzik
John Dixon and Karoly Radzik happy finishers of He Man team
Emily Osborne & Mitch Bartlett
Emily Osborne & Mitch Bartlett ready for the piggy bag race
Elisia Godsiff & Zoe Fairweather
Elisia Godsiff & Zoe Fairweather, piggy bag race
Single men three-leg race
Julia Ham
Julia Ham won married women 100m run, with the Hopai 2014 cup and her little supporters
Barbara Osborne
Barbara Osborne and Viv Bond happy grandmams after the grandma 100m running
Grandpa 100m running
Team Wild Wahine, tug-o-war
Team Team Musseleers, tug-o-war
Encouraging the tug-o-war teams
Kenny Sparrow
Kenny Sparrow winner of the Cake Raffle
Ebony Maikuku
Ebony Maikuku (swim) and Ash Wadsworth (run) winners of the He Man team
Billy Hebberd
Dave Harvey patron of sports club, Mike Gerard and Billy Hebberd

The annual Hopai Sports Day got off to a lucky start with a fine day in a week of heavy rain and gale-force winds.

However, organisers of the event at Crail Bay in Pelorus Sound said numbers were down, likely because of the bad weather leading up to the event.

Pelorus Sound Sports Club president Mike Gerard said the relaxed atmosphere of the day made up for all the hard work committee members had put into preparing for the event.

He said the committee had spent many hours removing storm-battered pine trees along the foreshore.

Although previously a dominant feature of the sportsground, the trees' removal had improved the view of the bay, making the boat races more fun for spectators, he said.

Hopai sports results 2014

Hopai He Man, Christian Condor. Hopai She Man, Tash Ford. Hopai He Man team, Mixed Ebony Maikuku and Ash Wadsworth. Men Billy Hebberd, David King. Women Eva Malthus, Maisie Offen. RD Black Mile Race, Men Billy Hebberd. Women Paula Condor. 12 years and under Zoe Ham, Jake Chadwick. 13 - 17 years Rosie Buchanan-Brown, Christian Condor. 440 yard race, men George Sim. Women Tash Ford. 9 years and under Zoe Ham, Woody Lynskey. 10 - 14 years, Brittney Lyons, Thomas Condor. 15 - 17 years Georgina Williams, Matt Offen. Single mens 100m George Sim. Single women 100m Jess Gibson. Married men 100m Geoffrey Hocquard. Married women 100m Jo McManaway. Novelty race piggyback Jess Gibson, George Sim. Grandfathers race Patrick Norton. Grandmothers race Debb Stantiall. Gordon Harvey Cup for best sports person Rosie Buchanan-Brown. Gumboot throwing men Hayden Harvey. Women Emily Osborne. Under 10 Febe Armstrong, Kaleb Voss. 10 - 14 years Rosie Buchanan-Brown, Tom Marshall. Tug-O-War men Axemen. Women Wild Wahine. 9 years and under boys won. 10 - 17 years boys won. Children's running races, 4 years and under Adelene O'Connor, Liam Healey. 5 - 6 years Holly McManaway, Archie Osborne-Bartlett. 7 - 8 years Maddie Ryland, Woody Lynskey. 9 - 10 years Gwyneth Walker, Billy Sloan. 11 - 12 years Maisie Offen, Aron Radzik. 13 - 14 years Rosie Buchanan-Brown, Lachie Buchanan-Brown. 15 - 17 years Kelsey Anstis, Matt Offen. Sack races 6 years and under Holly McManaway, Tom Costley. 7 - 10 years Jessie McManaway, Billy Sloan. 11 - 14 years Rosie Buchanan- Brown, Josh Godsiff. Three legged races 6 years and under Una and Mali Lynskey, Tom Costley, Blake Hebberd. 7 - 10 years Sara Aston-Butterfield, Gwyenth Walker, Denzel Robbinson, Toby Godsiff. 10 - 14 years Elisha Godsiff, Zoe Fairweather, Kahu Griffin, Sam Manson. 15 - 17 years Brydie Godsiff, Hannah Rogers, Tim Offen, Patrick Gerard. Single women Jess Gibson, Sarah Gibson. Single men Ricky Russ, Mitchell Bartlett. Married couples Shane and Debbie Gibson. Egg and spoon  6 years and under Holly McManaway, Will Horncastle. 7 - 10 years Charlotte Condor, Nathan Jamieson. 11 - 14 years Rosie Brown, Damon Sykes-McCauley. Piggyback 15 - 17 years Elisha Godsiff, Zoe Fairweather, Harry Kane, Christian Donaldson. Rowing Haley O'Neill. Boat races, Ben Hosking Memorial Cup rowing Haley O'Neill. Cuddon open speed boat Chris Rudkin. Harris Regatta Cup Graeme Clarke. Challenge Cup handicapped speed boat Rhys Horncastle. GM open diesel David Walker. Orchard Cup handicapped diesel boat Gary Orchard. Chopping, Barcello Cup most points Bill Nicholl. Harris Cup standing chop Bill Nicholl. Emerson Mason Underhand Cup Dave McEwan. F King Turner local standing chop Josh Jamieson.



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