Vandals flush away ratepayers' money

22:55, Jan 07 2014
Wasted money: Ratepayers will be footing the bill for vandals who ripped up the toilet block at Liz Davidson Place in Blenheim.

A toilet that was vandalised at Liz Davidson Place in Blenheim on Christmas Day is still out of action.

Marlborough District Council reserves and amenities officer Nic Crous said new parts for the damaged toilet were expected to arrive later this week.

Locks and tiles at the Queen St toilet block were smashed, pipes broken and cisterns ripped off the walls.

Contractors repaired two toilets in time for the New Year's Eve celebration held at Liz Davidson Place. The remaining toilet, which is still out of order, was the block's only 24-hour toilet, Mr Crous said. He believed pieces were stolen from the flush system to be used elsewhere.

Increased security options to prevent future vandalism included more cameras or locking the toilets at night, Mr Crous said.

However, he was reluctant to close the 24-hour toilet permanently as it was unfair on innocent people who wanted to use it at night.


"We've got to try to help the majority, because it's the minority doing the damage," he said.

"We try to give people what they want, and it really gets you down when people take advantage and rip stuff out."

The cost of the repairs on ratepayers would be known next week, Mr Crous said.

A police spokeswoman said the incident was not caught on security cameras in the area.

The cedar-and-stone toilet block opened in December 2012.

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