Safe 'hangout' sought by youth

03:00, Jan 08 2014

Young people in Marlborough are looking for a place to "hang out", according to a survey by the Marlborough Youth Trust.

More than 200 teens aged between 13 and 17 took part in the survey, which asked for feedback on building a youth centre in Blenheim.

The survey was part of feasibility study to be presented to the council next month.

Study co-ordinator Russell Montgomery said the survey was aimed at finding out what young people wanted and to gauge the feeling of the community.

He was impressed 123 of the 201 people surveyed took the time to write a comment about what they wanted rather than just tick the boxes.

The results showed a strong desire for a place young people could call their own, he said.


"Somewhere they can meet their friends in a safe, supervised and warm environment," he said.

"That seems to be something they don't have at the moment."

Almost 75 per cent of those surveyed wanted a youth centre in Blenheim. Reasons for the centre included creating a place young people could socialise in a safe environment, relax away from school and keep out of trouble.

Game rooms and music rooms weren't the only things high on the list, Mr Montgomery said.

Many of the people surveyed wanted a place they could study and do research. A computer, internet and printing room was the most requested service, followed by a cafe, lounge room, games room, climbing wall and music room.

Mr Montgomery consulted youth providers in the community as part of the feasibility study. The idea behind the youth centre was for all youth providers to be able to use the building and its services, he said.

The Marlborough Youth Trust is funded by the council.

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