Drinking culture still needs work

23:11, Jan 08 2014
Russell Montgomery
Spreading the word: Know Your Limit campaign co-ordinator Russell Montgomery says the logos have been an effective way to spread the ‘safer drinking’ message

A campaign targeting Marlborough's drinking culture has got people talking, but there is still a way to go, police say.

Marlborough area commander Inspector Simon Feltham said police had been heavily involved with the Know Your Limit campaign and found it was being well received.

But officers were still dealing with people in and around town who were heavily intoxicated, Mr Feltham said.

"We've still got a bit to do in relation to the way people are drinking," he said.

Campaign co-ordinator Russell Montgomery said it would run until February, and would get another big push this weekend.

Its effectiveness would be difficult to gauge until it was over and statistics from the police, hospital and ambulance had been analysed, he said.


The main target was a reduction in drink-driving. From what he understood, the number of drivers stopped by police this holiday season was higher, and the number of drink-driving offenders was down.

The campaign - which involved police, Marlborough District Council, health providers, bar owners, supermarkets, Drug Arm, food outlets and taxi drivers - encourages drinkers to know their limits and stick to them over the holiday period.

Mr Montgomery said street stencils of the "Know Your Limit" logo had proved an effective way to promote discussion. Other tools including coasters and posters in pubs and handing out burger vouchers to drinkers.

Mr Feltham said officers were also using tools made available to them through new alcohol legislation that came into effect last month.

Licensed premises had been very co-operative, he said.

But many people continued to breach the liquor ban and police would continue to enforce those rules.