Farm fresh milk in heart of city

02:57, Jan 09 2014
Milk vending machine
AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE: Cathy and Julian Raine at their Oakland's Milk vending business. Nelsonians can now buy farm-fresh milk in the city.

Nelson dairy farmer Julian Raine has installed two Italian vending machines which will dispense fresh milk from his A2 dairy herd at two locations in the city.

One machine is in place at Eat Me Fruit and Vege on St Vincent St. The shop is owned by Robert VandenBerg and Nichole Talbot.

Mr Raine has also teamed up with his sister, Nikki Cooper (owner of Cooper & Rouge and Vanilla Cafe), with a second machine in place at the rear entrance of Vanilla Cafe.

Nikki has been serving Oakland's Milk in the coffees served at Vanilla since July.

"I know many of our regulars began to buy milk directly from the vending machines at the Oakland's farm gate, but others kept asking if they could buy it in town".

Mr Raine says he could instantly see the potential when Nikki suggested a machine at the back of Vanilla.


The Raine's family has farmed at Oakland's for more than 150 years.

"For some of that time the entire milk production has headed down the driveway in a milk tanker. This year we've taken steps to ensure some of our milk is kept for local distribution again."

Customers can buy milk bottles, neoprene carry bags and electronic keys (to be loaded with credit) from both locations. They can also bring their own containers to fill.

The milk will continue to be sold at Oakland's Farm Gate on the corner of Saxton Rd and Suffolk Rd, Stoke.