Groomer's rescue dog now a show-stopper

18:24, Jan 12 2014
Di Davies
Puppy love: Di Davies with her bichon frise dog Leroy at the Marlborough Kennel Association in Omaka.

Dolly, Lola, Cash, Indie, Diva, Delboy and Leroy. They might sound like members of a pop group, but the names actually belong to six staffordshire bull terrier dogs and a bichon frise.

Their owner, Seddon woman Di Davies, said her dogs are her life.

"They're my children," she said.

"They rule my life. I don't do anything without considering them first."

Yesterday, Leroy the bichon frise, a rescue dog estimated to be about 18 months old, competed in the Marlborough Kennel Association ribbon parade along with more than 30 other dogs.

Leroy came second in the toy dog category but took out the top spot in his age group, qualifying him to enter best in show.


Mrs Davies, a dog groomer, feeds him chicken-based meals so his white fur doesn't get stained.

He lives on chicken dog biscuits and minced chicken with rice, but his mouth was a bit stained at yesterday's show after he got stuck into the cat's food, she said.

Before entering the show, Leroy was washed with a whitening shampoo and blow-dried with a high-powered dryer.

Mrs Davies is growing his coat out because it was in a mess when she got him from the Nelson SPCA about five months ago.

Marlborough Kennel Association member and New Zealand Kennel Club judge Lavina Diamanti said each dog was judged against the breed standard. The judges were looking for a dog that closest resembled that standard, she said.

She had never come across a perfect dog, but had come close, she said.

Each purebred dog fit in to one of seven groups: toy dogs, terriers, gundogs, hounds, working dogs, utility dogs and non-sporting dogs.

They were judged on breed type, condition, movement, construction and temperament.

A ribbon parade is held at the Aerodrome Rd kennel club once a month.

It was a good entry-level competition, she said.

Dogs didn't need to be registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club to enter and it was a good place for people to learn, she said.

The next ribbon parade is to be held on February 9.

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