Extra special day out

02:50, Jan 20 2014

When Abbie Davis, 10, was sick as a toddler, her parents put it down to a bout of ill health - a bug that would eventually pass.

The Blenheim couple never suspected type-1 diabetes to be the cause.

Type-1 diabetes is an auto-immune condition which can be managed through medication, exercise and a healthy eating plan.

Paula Davis said that her daughter had weeks of throat and chest infections as a 3-year-old.

"She got all the bugs conceivable over six to seven weeks.

"We didn't think it was diabetes. We thought it was just normal childhood ills and spills."


However, her symptoms progressed and she started drinking an unusually large amount of water.

"It wasn't until we took her to the doctor that we found out she had diabetes," Mrs Davis said.

"We then spent 10 days in hospital, which involved seeing doctors and specialists to get her diabetes under control and get her eating right."

A big part of learning how to deal with type-1 diabetes was seeing how the food she ate affected her blood glucose levels.

Abbie has been injecting insulin into her bloodstream to keep her glucose levels in check since the age of 5. "She does it at school - she's the only one at Riverlands [School] with diabetes."

Abbie was among about 13 children, aged between 4 and 12, at a scavenger hunt and games morning at Mitre 10 Mega in Blenheim yesterday.

The event was held in conjunction with Diabetes Marlborough and Blenheim-based Sun Valley Roadsters hot rod club.

Diabetes Marlborough offers information and support to people with diabetes. There are 300 members, of which about 20 are children.

Diabetes Marlborough committee member Catherine Flanagan said the organisation was an informal support network for parents of children with type-1 diabetes.

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