Moving art piece for park

21:55, Jan 21 2014
Rebecca Clifton
Guess what? Marlborough Lines project manager Rebecca Clifton at the new park on Grove Rd. Details of the sculpture that will be installed at the park are being kept under wraps.

The new Marlborough Lines park on Sinclair St in Blenheim is set to open at the start of next month, but secrecy still surrounds the jewel in the crown - the park's new sculpture.

Marlborough Lines chairman David Dew said he had heard many rumours about what the sculpture would be.

"All I will give away is that it will be a kinetic sculpture that will move in the wind," Mr Dew said.

"Some people might not like it as a public art piece - others I think will spend time lying on the grass looking at it."

Marlborough Lines owned the park and would remain responsible for its upkeep, but was gifting the use of the park to the community.

"We are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Marlborough electric board and its successors," he said.


"We wanted to commemorate the special birthday."

The park will be opened during a private ceremony on February 4 at 5.30pm.

"We had to keep the event private due to the limited space at the park, but would love everyone to come and see the park after that," he said.