Local hitsman unshaken about rocking on

An earthquake-evacuation notice tacked to the front door of the office wasn't enough to deter Marlborough's Classic Hits radio station breakfast show host Scott Radovanovich from work yesterday morning.

Staff left the Porse House building in Market St, Blenheim, on Monday afternoon following the magnitude 6.3 earthquake centred 10 kilometres northwest of Castlepoint in the Wairarapa at a depth of 50km.

Mr Radovanovich, who works from about 4.30am till midday on weekdays, was at home at the time and did not think twice about going to work on the third level of the building early the next day.

"I got to the office about 4.30am, but it wasn't until about 7am, when I started getting a few texts and calls and a couple of Facebook messages asking if I was okay and where was I broadcasting from, that it dawned on me what I was doing," Mr Radovanovich said.

"I guess it's sort of a male thing. It's like a ‘don't touch the paint sign' and you go and touch it."

Mr Radovanovich posted on Facebook an image of a notice saying "All occupants of this office have evacuated", and wrote "No one has actually told me I can't officially broadcast from the studios today, I'm risking life and limb for you, you know that right?"

In the end, he was not the only one who turned up for work. All five staff, including Radio Network manager Thelma Sowman, arrived at their usual starting times.

Mrs Sowman said they put up the notice on Monday in case a major disaster occurred later in the day and emergency workers were looking for them.

The radio station would remain in the building regardless of the shakes, she said. They had been in the building since the end of 2011. Prior to that, the station had been in Kinross St for about 35 years.

The Porse building had slowly been losing its occupants since the two big earthquakes in Marlborough last year, Mr Radovanovich said.

"We're the only ones here now."

Engineers contracted by Blenheim building firm TH Barnes had walked through and literally gave staff the "thumbs up" to be inside, Mr Radovanovich said. "I don't have a problem with it."

TH Barnes already had plans to strengthen the building, with work to be completed by April.

The Marlborough Express