Naked man offends beach goers

20:54, Jan 21 2014

Police are looking for a man who was seen behaving inappropriately while naked at a beach near Picton.

A police spokeswoman said a man of Middle Eastern descent was seen masturbating in the Bobs Bay area, at the head of the Queen Charlotte Sound.

He is believed to be about 45-years-old and was described as having a ''stocky'' build and a noticeable limp.

He is about 1.67 metres tall, the spokeswoman said. 

He was later seen dressed in a dark green t-shirt, blue shorts and orange running shoes, wearing a blue cap and sunglasses with an earring in his left ear. 

Bobs Bay is a 20-minute walk from Picton and is accessible only by foot or by boat.

Anyone with information that may help identify the man should contact Picton police on 03 520 3120.


The Marlborough Express