Sale of land will crush firm's lot

17:59, Jan 23 2014
New layout: The blue areas indicate the new roundabout and traffic islands while the yellow areas indicate the sidewalk.

A display of a monster truck crushing a family sedan is a Blenheim car dealer's way of drawing attention to the space his business is set to lose to road upgrades.

The Car Centre owner Phill McNabb said he wanted to show how much land his used-car dealership will lose when Marlborough Roads buys it to upgrade the road.

Plans to build a roundabout at the corner of Nelson and Boyce streets has been in the works since March last year. The roundabout is set to improve traffic flow at the busy intersection, especially improving the flow of traffic turning right into Nelson St out of Boyce St.

Neil Jorgensen
Show and tell: Big Bruvva monster truck owner Neil Jorgensen at The Car Centre on the corner of Boyce and Nelson streets, Blenheim. The display was arranged by The Car Centre owner Phill McNabb to demonstrate how much of the dealership would be shaved off when council buys land to upgrade the road.

Designs supplied by Marlborough Roads indicated that four car parks on the south side of Nelson St would have to make way for a new turning lane. A section of the footpath on the northern side of the street would also be encroached upon.

Final plans indicating a cycle lane were not available yet.

Mr McNabb is in negotiations with Marlborough Roads regarding a settlement price for the 160 square metres his business will lose. Marlborough Roads manager Frank Porter confirmed negotiations were ongoing for the sale of the land in a "willing seller" agreement. "We are still busy with final design work and working with council to ensure that services like water and drainage are in order," Mr Porter said.

Mr McNabb has part share in LK Motors Ltd, which owns the land the car dealership is on.  The Car Centre and LK Motors are separate entities and Mr McNabb leases the land.


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