'Tell us what you want for youth'

00:31, Jan 23 2014
Karen Stewart
Karen Stewart

Marlborough Girls' College principal has urged the community to think about what would be best for the young people of Marlborough in the future regarding secondary school eduction.

Karen Stewart said it was important that the pupils of Marlborough were not left behind in a rapidly changing world.

She told the parents at the last consultation meeting, on Monday night, that she understood that the community was frustrated - wanting to get it right and not having enough information.

"We are not asking you as a community to make any decisions at this time, we want to know what you want explored next," she said.

"Would you like a newer model for secondary education or the status quo to continue?

"If the community indicates it wants something different, more research will then be done into different options, space and budget."


She hoped that the community would not get stuck on the site issues, there will be different ways to resolve smaller problems, timetabling different lunch hours for example, she said.

"Education is changing to reflect the different world. IT, robotics and animation are the biggest growing industries at the moment,

"We need the best resources and equipment to prepare our youth to be successful in this changing world."

She also hopes for more collaboration with the tertiary education providers to offer more options to the pupils.

More links with the community are also needed, more support behind trade academies and a health hub based at the colleges for services at the school, she said.

"There is so much to be gained by sharing in a collaboration model.

"The responsibility to keep the history and values alive lies with the community and can be done either way," she said.

She emphasised again that the submissions process was only the beginning and "we need more submissions before further options could be explored."

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