Firefighter's service inked in skin

19:31, Jan 25 2014
Darryl Hunt
That’s dedication: Darryl Hunt, of the Renwick Volunteer Fire Brigade, is so committed to the cause he decided to get a tattoo of it.

Three years into his service as a Renwick volunteer firefighter, Darryl Hunt took an image of the New Zealand fire service emblem to a Blenheim tattooist and got the tattoo, together with his brigade's name, on his arm.

The tattoo was both a gesture of dedication to the fire service, but also one of practicality, he said.

"I always wanted to get a tattoo and I thought that was as good as anything," Mr Hunt said.

"It shows people I'm a fireman."

Mr Hunt, who owns Hunt Automotive in Renwick, was asked to join the service by brother-in-law and former Renwick fire chief Alan Newman 16 years ago.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter was well worth the reward of helping people in their hour of need, Mr Hunt said.


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