Rap gets Sounds message across

Environmentalist Danny Boulton has taken a fresh approach to his advocacy with an online rap video posted on Youtube earlier this week.

The nearly four minute long video begins with a bottle floating ashore, with a message inside that reads, "To the Prime Minister from The Ocean".

It features a montage of visuals from his previous videos highlighting the effect that aquaculture has had on the Marlborough Sounds.

Mr Boulton raps a string of lyrics decrying the state of New Zealand's environment and the Marlborough Sounds, calling for a revolution in the way it is treated.

He holds little back in his commentary with lyrics like: "We're green, we're pure, 100 per cent for sure, but let's get real now . . . When we see what we've done it's like getting a gun and blowing your brains out in front of mum."

He lays the blame at the door of politicians unwilling to make economically unpopular choices. "Nothing stands in industry's way to speed up expanse," he raps.

Mr Boulton has a go at the Marlborough aquaculture industry, pointing out failing fish stocks and slow mussel growth as evidence of a struggling Marlborough Sounds ecosystem.

He also extends his commentary to the dairy industry and its effects on the environment.

"I think it's an important message to get across so that these resources are there for future generations. Industry is whittling away these resources and we need to wake up to that," he said.

Mr Boulton decided to use the rap style as it allowed him to get a lot of information across, he said.

The video was shot earlier this month and he plans on promoting it as widely as possible.

He would not say if another rap video was on the cards but was leaving his options open.

The Marlborough Express